Lessons from Nature…

In the Far East they have something called the Chinese bamboo tree. The Chinese bamboo tree takes five years to grow. During this process, farmers water and fertilize the ground where the seeds are daily, and the sprouts don’t break through the ground until the 5th year. But once it breaks through the ground within five weeks it grows to 90 feet tall. Now, anytime throughout the process, if the farmer stopped watering, nurturing, and fertilizing, the bamboo tree would have died in the ground. Your dreams are like the bamboo tree.

We can learn many lessons from the Chinese bamboo tree. We all have aspirations to accomplish great things. Some of us wish to be professional athletes. Some wish to become doctors and lawyers. Others may want to advance spiritually, financially, or in other professional endeavors. Most of us have dreams and aspirations to achieve greatness!

Many times in life out struggles are actually not struggles at all…they are test of time, they are test of perseverance, they are test of will and toughness. Often, people will not see the infinite greatness of your dreams, and they certainly will not see it in times of strife. Your dreams stay hidden beneath the ground without evidence of ever coming to life. They stay hidden under the soil as if they had died before they had a chance to blossom, but just like the Chinese bamboo tree, your dreams are not dead as long as you water and nurture them. They are simply cultivating underneath the soil, and with dedication and perseverance your dreams will one day develop higher than anyone could imagine.

Whatever our dreams, we must understand that it takes an extraordinary amount of effort and time to become what we wish. Some people reach the highest level of success with ease, but this is not the case from most of us…we have to claw and inch our way to our dreams…and along the way we are met with the temptation of giving up. Having this feeling is a natural part of the process to accomplishing our goals. We all have this feeling at one time or another, but what defines achievement is the ability to continue to press forward in spite of fear.

The Chinese bamboo tree teaches us many lessons. We can learn to plant a dream. We can learn to do the daily tasks that are necessary to make these dreams into a reality. We can learn to have hope and faith, when there is no outward evidence that our sacrifice and dedication will bring forth fruit in our life.

For a while your dreams may not show anything: they may show no progress. At some point you may believe that your dream has died in the ground before it ever had a chance to blossom. Don’t allow the absence of an outward sign discourage you. Don’t be discouraged by your “lack” of progress. Simply because others can’t detect your progress doesn’t mean progress isn’t there. Keep watering your dreams.

Everything begins with a seed.

Remember that amidst your bleakness triumph is awaiting you.

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