Glam Undergarments, Glam Outfits

Looking great starts with quality undergarments. The wrong bra can turn a beautiful blouse into a tacky tunic, and icky sweat stains definitely detract from an otherwise perfect outfit. How is it that certain people seem to never sweat and make their outfits look effortless? These superstar dressers are in on some secrets, and I’ve tapped into a couple of them for myself. Today, I’m sharing them with you!

1. Advadri- Nothing’s worse than having sweaty stained pits and then realizing that after you’ve raised your hand to answer the teacher’s question (((slowly rescinds hand))). If you’re someone who wants to protect your shirts on a daily basis from stains/deodorant marks/ odor, these shirts are for you! I wear mine whenever I don’t want to sweat in a new shirt or protect an older one. Advadri undergarments will save you money on dry cleaning are comfortable and easy to wash! I have the Women’s Advadri Vee Crop Top Undershirt, 24.99

2. Garment Shields by Hollywood- These self adhesive pads prevent underarm wetness and protect fabrics from permanent stains. I reserve them for cardigans, dresses with sleeves, and anything else not worn often because:

  1. They’re kinda expensive 10.00 for 10 shields… (Ok, expensive by my broke-student standards)
  2. I don’t like to use these only once in my shirts and throw them away

3. Strapless Bra- You may be saying that having a strapless bra in your arsenal is a no-brainer. If this is you, skip to number 3…if not, keep reading. I’ve seen too many violations of the bra strap commandment: If thou has on a fancy looking top, thou shalt not have bra straps showing…it’s tacky!!!

Ok ok, I’ll give you some credit. If you’re like me, I’ve had trouble finding a strapless bra that will actually stay up and isn’t around my waist by lunch. If this is you, consider the detachable clear straps. At least they make it seem as though you made an effort to wear the proper undergarments. In need of a new bra? Head to Victoria’s Secret for their Semi-Annual Sale!

4. Odor-Eaters- I remember it like yesterday: my college teammate and I were doing a soccer drill at practice when all of a sudden we heard a huge riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip!!! The Mississippi humidity had finally taken its toll on my teammate’s shoes, which ripped down the side when she kicked the ball. The humidity compromised the strength of her shoe fabric.

Same thing goes for when we just sweat in our shoes…over time, the sweat breaks them down. Now that it’s summer there are plenty of styles that call for cute flats. Preserve your shoes, keep your feet dry and stink-free (thanks to the help of activated charcoal). Pick up a pair from Walmart and thank me later.

5. Leotards- Though reminiscent of third grade, I’ve reintroduced this piece into my current wardrobe because of its practical safe guarding. Leotard has your back… your butt crack that is. It’s almost impossible to find jeans these days that aren’t low rise/hip huggers, and I’ve found that a belt doesn’t always keep me protected from an embarrassing flash. So, the next time you have to bend low to pull something from a bottom shelf, know that your plumber alone can keep the title as King of Crack.